„Political consultants and lobbyists in political decision-making process.
Political expert culture in comparative perspective“

1st June 2022 in Słubice (Poland)

Conference program

8.30Registration of conference participants.
9.15Introduction to conference tool for online participants.
9.30 – 10.45  Prof. Timm Beichelt (Dean of the Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences EUV)
Prof. Dorota Piontek (AMU) / Dr. Artur Kopka (EUV)
Introduction and presentation of the project approach.
PD Dr. Martin Thunert (UH)
Legitimizing expert activities in political consultancy and lobbying processes.
10.45 – 11.15 Coffee break
11.15 – 13.00Panel 1: Presentation and discussion of project results, part 1.
Dr. Artur Kopka (EUV) / Dr. Agnieszka Vetulani-Cęgiel (AMU)
Regulation of consultancy and lobbying processes as perceived
by politicians and experts in a German-Polish comparison.
Dr. Bartłomiej Biskup (UW) / Dr. Agnieszka Vetulani-Cęgiel (AMU)       
The Level of institutionalization of consulting and lobbying in Poland
and Germany from the experts’ point of view.
Prof. Agnieszka Cianciara (PAN) / Dr. Agnieszka Vetulani-Cęgiel (AMU)
Consultant or Lobbyist? About the role, forms and effectiveness of Political Consultancy from the perspective of Polish and German experts.
Dr. Dorota Stasiak (IASS) / PD Dr. Martin Thunert (UH)
Experts and policy-making in Germany and Poland: perceptions of access channels and the degree of formalisation of the advisory processes.
13.00 – 14.00Lunch break
14.00 – 15.15Panel 2: Presentation and discussion of project results, part 2.
Prof. Dariusz Skrzypiński (UWr) / Prof. Helena Wyligała (ULS)
Lobbyism and Political Consultancy in parliamentary practice
in a German-Polish comparative perspective.
Dr. Bartłomiej Biskup (UW) / Marlena Piotrowska, M.A. (UWr) /
Prof. Dariusz Skrzypiński (UWr)

Advisory functions of parliamentary deputies’ offices in German-Polish comparison.
Marlena Piotrowska, M.A. (UWr) / Prof. Helena Wyligała (ULS)
“Revolving door effect” in German and Polish political practice.
15.15 – 15.45Coffee break
15.45 – 17.00Panel 3: Presentation and discussion of project results, part 3.
Prof. Dorota Piontek (AMU) / Prof. Szymon Ossowski (AMU)
Political advice and lobbying in the context of the media.
Prof. Dorota Piontek (AMU) / Prof. Szymon Ossowski (AMU)
The representation of experts in public television news broadcasts
and their influence on Government Policy in the context of the Covid-19
crisis in a German-Polish Comparison.
Prof. Jarosław Jańczak (AMU/EUV) / Dr. Artur Kopka (EUV):
The boundary between political consultancy and lobbying as perceived by German and Polish experts. Interpretation of the empirical research results.
17.00 – 17.15      Coffee break
17.15 – 18.00Prof. Dorota Piontek (AMU) / Dr. Artur Kopka (EUV)
The Concept of “Political Expert Culture” as an analytical model
for the comparative examination of Political Consultancy Processes.
18.00End of the conference